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Camera / Tablet Teleprompter (For Camera / Phone / 12 inch Tablet or below)


Product Code CAP664J73



Mirror's Reading Size: 25.5cm x 20.2cm

Suitable for video or DSLR camera, phone and 12" tablet or below

Compatible with camera, phone and tablet as long as the tablet's width is below 22cm

Can be mounted on a floor standing light stand or tripod

Download paid or free Apps, such as BestViews., to input your script

Font size and reading speed can be adjusted with ease

Quick and easy to set up the teleprompter and the Apps

Using the free Apps “BestView.”, you can

1) flip (mirror) the script and read it vertically or horizontally
2) adjust the reading speed
3) adjust the font size



A teleprompter will assist you with reading your script like a pro!

Just input your script and the teleprompter will do the rest.

If you are a videographer,tutor, property agent, content creator (such as YouTuber, vlogger), Facebook Live user, business analyst or forecaster on a pre-recorded programme, a teleprompter will save you a generous amount of time and stress and still gives you a very high quality recording.


Each teleprompter system utilizes a glass screen, whose reflective side is mounted at an angle on top of a monitor (in this case a tablet) that displays the prewritten script.


The camera is then placed behind the glass screen through a cut-out hole so that the speaker can look straight at the camera lens while reading.


Since the speaker does not need to look down or away to cue cards or written notes, the teleprompter creates the illusion to viewers that the speaker is a person who is knowledgeable and understand his area of discipline well, in a way that is convincing to viewers.



Items included:

1x Teleprompter
1x Bluetooth Remote
1x Bracket (For mounting Teleprompter to Tripod)
1x Camera's Height Raising Plate
1x Camera's Quick Release Plate
1x Camera's Light Shield
4x Masking board (For Handphone)
1xHard Carrying Case