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Varavon Loupe EX-SUPPORTER GH1/GH2


Product CodeEXSPTGH

Loupe EX Supporter is simple and great viewfinder
Have you seen LCD screen during outdoor shooting? Probably it would have been hard to see LCD screen because of sun.
Loupe EX solves these problems. Why don't you use try this Loupe EX Supporter?

Loupe EX is a viewfinder that does not require a battery.
Having light weight, this viewfinder has not only 3" size but also 3x magnification
You can use two types that Gh1 & GH2.

You can transform the viewfinder from hood type to Loupe type through a simple operation
If you hold up loupe, viewfinder transforms as hood type.
Conversly, if you hold down the loupe, it is possible to use as a loupe type

Using aluminum dial, Loupe EX is mounted on the camera
It is easy to mount and dismount because of dialing system
There is a 1/4" hole, so it is able to mount on tripod.

There is a hinge on loupe to prevent loupe automatically closed
Hinge has a function to hold loupe over 180 degrees

It's use magnetic. Easy to open and strong fixed

There is a diopter on loupe, so users can adjust its vision
The knob above the loupe provides additional focus option,
enabling you to put the lens at the most comfortable position.