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Air Guard - AG-800 ( kills virus / Germs )


Product CodeAIR45VUB21

The AG-800 is a light weight, portable, and convenient Antibacterial Vaporizer.

The AG-800 can spread fog to sanitize the entire space in 3D. It completes reheating within 90 seconds and generates 3,000 cu.ft. output per minute.

The operation is easy. Simply turn on the power and press the button on the handlebar! Operating with Air Guard antibacterial solution, it can lay a thin layer on all the exposed surfaces and objects in the room to inhibit bacterial growth.

It can be used as a regular maintenance solution in any place, car, house, office, theatre, department store, station plaza, airport, gymnasiuml! It can inhibit most fungi, germs, and gets rid of bad odors effectively.

Wearing medical masks in public and hand washing does not fully protect you and your loved ones. Periodically sanitizing to kill germs, viruses, etc. provides additional protection in a holistic way!


comes with 1 bottle of 500ml solution