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Professional Collapsible Hexagonal Softbox 24"/60cm Folding Softbox Diffuser with Handle Grip for Speedlights


Product CodePRO93YVC28


High quality DOUBLE DIFFUSION PANELS for high quality soft light
Its convenient folding system allows the softbox to be setup and taken down very quickly like folding an umbrella
The inner side of the soft box is silver coated to maximize reflection effect
Removable internal baffle for the softbox helps reduce hotspots and softens the light even more
The uniquely designed handle grip allows you to raise the softbox by hand as well as fix it to a tripod
The diffuser's angle can be adjustable by locking an angle control lever
The unique speed ring is specially created for speed light system
The flexible bracket allows the speed lights moves forward and backward and up and down simply by tightening the locking screws. It's compatible with almost all the flashes.
Made of soft and durable fabric
High quality carrying bag with shoulder strap for a convenient storage and carry


Weight: 1.1kg (with package)
Size of the package: 57.5*18*17cm

How to set up:

Pull six rods into the holes of speed ring to lock. Connect the speed ring to the bracket from top and bottom. Adjust the speed ring position on the bracket and tighten the screws to fix it on the bracket. Mount the coldshoe on the bracket and tighten the locking screw. Slide the flash onto the coldshoe. Tighten the lock wheel of your flash to fit tightly on the receiver. Hold the handle grip to raise the softbox by hand or mount the cradle head on to the tripod.

Note: Flash not included

Package Contents:

1x 24"/60cm Folding Hexagonal Softbox
1x Bracket
1x Coldshoe
1x Carrying Bag