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PRIOLITE MB500 ( Built in Battery Flash )


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Innovative LED array
For the Pilot light an LED array is used, which delivers an equivalent light output of approx. 100 watts. LEDs have an almost unlimited life cycle and can be dimmed without modification of the color temperature. The LED array features its own cooling element, that permits long operational hours without overheating. Additionally a temperature dependent fan is implemented, which cools the complete unit - this guarantees a long uninterrupted time of use.

Rugged base, safe protection
The housing base of the MB500 represents an extrusion profile. It holds its components safely, that results into an extreme rugged system. An elongated hole under the housing enables to fix flash umbrellas and leads them safely over the complete length. Furthermore the umbrellas are clamped with a secured screw, so clamping will not damage the umbrella stick. Umbrellas can be used up to 10 mm stick diameter.

The standard equipment includes a glass dome in various coatings. It provides an excellent protection and enables modification of the color temperature.

The main switch of the monolight is equipped with a high quality twist device, that is protected by an additional cover. Therewith it avoids an unintentionally switching-on. That attribute is particularly important in case of transportation, because a switched on device must not be transported.

Constant light distribution
The MB500 operates with a flash tube in omega form. In comparison to a U-formed tube, it provides a better light and an extreme constant light distribution. The flash tube is pluggable and exchangeable by the user. The flash triggering can be done by synch cable, by slave, by IR-flash or by radio remote control. The synchronous voltage is 5 V. Therewith a safely handling with all established modern cameras, is assured. Furthermore by switched on FC (flash check) function, the modeling light will be switched off after flashing, and only after the complete charging of the capacitors, automatically switched on again. Therefore in dark studios a flash trigger control is easy.

Various flash modes
The MB500 features 3 flash options: Xenon flash, LED flash and a combination of Xenon with LED flash. The usual Xenon flash light can be regulated within 5 f-stops between 5 and 10 factor in 1/10 increments of an f-stop. The LED array can be used as a modeling light as well as a flash light. The flash light features an extreme short flash duration about approx. 1/15,000 seconds. Using the combi mode, first the Xenon flash is activated and then after a selectable delay time the LED flash will be ignited. Both, the strength of the Xenon flash and the strength of the LED flash can be set up. Additionally the choice of the time delay between the flashes is possible. These options are opening a fullness of new possibilities, which enables the photographer an additional scope for creative composition and unconventional solutions.

High performance by short recharging time
The MB500 can be charged using a charging socket with a thread to secure operation. The charging of the battery up to an 80 % capacity will be done in about 2.5 hours. Because of the screw thread a fall of the charging plug is avoided.

The MB500 features a charging time about less than 3 seconds to full power. It can deliver up to 5 flashes per second with 37 Ws each – outstanding data for a battery device. The battery allows 400 flashes at full power and 6,400 flashes at minimum power. Power dumping is performed using internal resistors (APD System).

Big display, easy to read
The MB500 features a multiline LCD display, where functions of the device can transparently and easily be set up and controlled. The display can be turned upside down with the fl ip button, so that in case of hanging the device on ceiling tracks the display can be read correctly.

Bidirectional radio controllable
The MB500 is featured with a bidirectional radio controlled module. This module operates together with the Priolite remote control, which can be attached to the Hot Shoe of the camera. Nearly all functions of the flash device can be controlled on telecommand. The radio control displays the power setting of the device and its flash readiness. By organizing in 4 teams, each with 9 devices, in total 36 devices can be individually controlled. The system operates in a frequency range of 2.4 GHz, which is world wide approved for these applications.

Compatible accessories kit
The Priolite adapter system is compatible to Bowens S-type Bayonets as well. A lot of Hensel reflectors can be fixed with this clamp mechanism too.

What is in the box?
The flash unit comes with a synch cable, a battery charging unit, the flash tube, the LED array and the glass dome.

Made in Germany
The MB500 was designed, developed and manufactured in Germany under a strict quality control. Priolite is warranting a 2 years guarantee, with exception of the flash tube and the modeling light.

Technical Data

Product:PRIOLITE MB500
Order Number:01-0500-01
Charging time to 500Ws:3 Seconds
Max number of flashes:400
Charging time of accumulator:2,5 hour to 80%
Flash duration t0,5 (Sec.):1/2500
Charging cycles:1000
f-stop 1m distance standard reflector:64.2
Colour temperature Xenon flash (K):5600
Colour temperature LED Flash (K):6500
Power supply:Li-Accumulator
Remote control:integrated transceiver
Weight (kg):4.2
Dimensions (cm x cm):40 x 17
5918P umgefärbtMB 5003