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MyMyk SmartLynk Channel Mixer & Audio Monitor


Product Code MYMY480Z46

MyMyk SmartLynk channel Mixer & Audio Monitor

“SmartLynk is a compact, portable/on-camera,two-channel mixer and monitoring device, giving you the results of a professional audio production rig at a fraction of the price. The perfect companion to the SmartMyk microphone and the MyMyk Camera Audio iPhone app, SmartLynk allows you to monitor your sound input prior to and during recording; block unwanted AGC noise from the camera by overriding the camera’s built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC); or record external audio without needing to be attached to your DSLR or video camera. What’s more, it has two microphone inputs so you can capture multiple audio channels at once” - MyMyk Product Description

In Combination

When used in combination the SmartMyk and the SmartLynk pair together perfectly to help you get the best audio possible out of your DSLR setup. To get a great look at the two products when used in conjunction with each other check out this great demo video.