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Product CodeIUSSSCUW58

iUSBportCAMERA Photo/Video Features

+ Wirelessly connect your DSLR camera to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC

+ Wireless camera control. View and edit camera settings. Remote trigger

+ Place camera in hard to reach places and control it remotely

+ View live viewfinder images on your iPhone, iPad, Android with touch focusing

+ Wirelessly record videos; view video while recording

+ Instantly capture & transfer photos to your iPad or computer without any wires

+ Allow your client to view photos on their iPads or tablets as you shoot

+ Review and edit your images with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom while you shoot

+ Intervalometer, bulb mode, HDR bracketing, macro photography, self timer

+ View and manage camera memory card contents

+ Photo sharing


iUSBportCAMERA Media Streaming Features

+ Wirelessly connect any USB flash/hard drive to iPhone, iPad, Android device

+ Wirelessly share video, audio, images, office documents and other files

+ Stream 3 different 1080p HD movies to 3 different WiFi devices at the same time

+ Perform 2-way file transfer with up to 8 different WiFi devices

+ No internet, computer, router, subscription or external power required


+ Also function as a 3300mAh battery back for iPhone, Android, and smartphones


camera not included