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Godox Smart Digital Kit (3 Lights)



All-in-one set
Durable aluminum housing
One fire anti-preflash system
High power in compact size
LED precise power display
Equipped with buzz function
Multiple auto-self protections


A complete solution including everything: flash heads, light stands, softbox, umbrella, barndoor kit, remote trigger, sync line, and carrying bag.
Optical control, master/slave light setting available
0.5-2 sec rapid recycle time
Plug-in flash tube and modeling lamp, replaceable for users
LED luminous instructions for precise control of output from 1/8-full
Modeling lamp from full power to 1/8 can work the same as those of large studio flashes
Umbrella input hole for any studio umbrella
Equipped with circuit protection system, 5A fuse integral
Simple interface, convenient rear control panel, easy-to-use design
5A/8A fuse protects the flash unite from high voltage, spare fuse is included in fuse holder
An audible flash ready alert lets you know when your flash unit is fully charged and ready to go.

Kit Contains:

  • 3 * studio flash head
  • 3 * light stand
  • 1 * softbox 50X70CM
  • 1 * umbrella 33"
  • 1 * barndoor kit 
  • 1 * remote control 
  • 1 * carrying bag 
  • 1 * sync line