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40cm Led Product Tent


Product Code40COAT2I47

Lights, camera, Action

Professional photographers are accustomed to thinking outside the box, but when it comes to certain jobs, thinking inside the box-a light box, specifically-is much more valuable. 

The light box's easy mobility is due primarily to its manageable size and simple set-up and break-down. The corner pieces, connecting bars, and tent material all fit seamlessly together into the cube shape and can be assembled or disassembled within minutes. The completed box is relatively lightweight and can be hoisted onto to tables and other work spaces. 

Need to expand the box to fit larger items? Simply unzip the front portion and expose even more space to your photograph's frame. 

The key goal of a light box is to diffuse incoming light; this keeps otherwise distracting shadows away from the photographer's primary subject. The Portable Light Box accommodates external lighting systems (including its own integrated LED lights), but it's also capable of harnessing natural lighting through its reflective, silver interior. Photographers find this particularly ideal for outdoor environments. 
The Portable Light Box also comes with several photography backgrounds that are necessary for any small item photo shoot. They come with all the basic colors-black, white, gray, and tan-that every photographer needs. The backgrounds' variety give the photographer multiple options for staging purposes and their smooth texture make them very easy to clean. 

When you're finished using your Portable Light Box, simply disassemble the pieces and pack them away into the included carry-on case. It, like the light box itself, is lightweight and perfect for carrying on planes, buses, and in one's hand while walking on foot.