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Hercules D7000 Battery Grip


Product CodeHERX2

t can double the battery capacity of your camera.

It allows users to add a vertical shutter release for more comfortable portrait shooting.

This package also comes with the battery magazine, which let you to switch between lithium battery and AA batteries.

Additional shutter release, main dial, AE lock/ FE lock and AF point selection controls are provided.




-Effectively doubles your shooting time.
-Holds up to 2 lithium batteries packs.
-Includes a holder to use 6 AA batteries.
-Dramatically improves stability.
-Shooting in the same way as a horizontal grip.


Please kindly note:

1) Please do not charge this battery by original charger, which will ruin this battery.
2) There is no capacity display on camera screen when using this battery, but it can work.
3) It must be charged by the compatible charger.



Attaching to the Camera:

1.Remove the battery from the camera.
2.Detach the camera battery compartment cover.
3.Insert the detached cover into its storage slot to ensure that it will not be lost.
4.Remove the attachment screw with the camera tripod socket, and then turn the attach/detach knob to tighten securely to the camera.