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Hercules 24Pcs Strobist Gel set


Product CodeHER315

Hercules Strobist 24pcs Gel Set - $40

Hercules 24Pcs Strobist Gel set




2) Deep Amber


3) Orange


4) Primary Red


5) Dark Pink


6) Magenta


7) Peacock Blue


8) Dark Blue


9) Fern Green


10) Dark Green


11) Mauve


12) Medium Blue


13) Flame Red


14) Deep Lavender


15) Yellow


16) light Blue


17)Full CT Blue


18) Half CT Blue


19) Full CT Orange


20) Full CT Orange


21 3 Neutral Density


22) 6 Neutral Density


22 and 23 ) White diffusion x 2 stuks


abt 5cm By 14cm
Also provided are velcro stickers for the gels to be attached to your flash.

A range of Colour Temperature Orange (CTO), Colour Temperature Blue (CTB) and Orange (Orange)

filters available in full, half and quarter strengths. These are used to correct the flash light to compensate for artificial lighting,

or for warming or cooling the light.

Also included is a Neutral Density filter for reducing the power of light from your flash.

They can also be used for colorful background lighting for portraits and other colourful effects in photography.