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Giga T Pro II for Nikon ( Time Lapse)


Product CodeGIGG6

Hähnel Gig


a T Pro II  Wireless Timer Remote - for Nikon

Following on from the award winning Wireless Pro Remote, Hähnel have launched the Giga T Pro II  – a 2.4GHz Wireless Timer Remote.

This stylish product has the combined functionality of a Wireless Remote Shutter Release and a Timer Remote. It can also be used as a simple cable remote if required.

The Giga T Pro  II is a great investment if you are interested in time-lapse photography such as blooming flowers, changing landscapes and action shots.

The Wireless Shutter Release is also ideal for wildlife photography, long exposure, astral and studio photography.

Programmable features include a self timer,interval timer, long exposure setting, and exposure count. These settings can be used in any combination, making the possibilities virtually limitless.





Giga T Pro II for Nikon

Compatible Camera Models:
D7000 /D5100 / D5000 /D3100 / D700 / D300 / D300s / D200 /
D100 (when attached to Nikon MB-D100 battery grip) /
D90 / D80 / D70s
D3s / D3 / D3x / D2x / D2xs / D2H / D2Hs / D1 / D1x / D1H

D800 / D800 E