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FluCard Pro Wireless connectivity SD Card


Product CodeFLUK58

Use it to tranfer to Iphone , Ipad , laptop


Retail at $119 ( This is the new generation Ver with the shake and Motion ) demo will be available at our shop also on Mon


what is Flu Card


FluCard® is a powerful SD card with built-in Wi-Fi technology. It is this technology that enables photos to be sent through the air to your friend’s FluCard®. Wi-Fi refers to the wireless local area network based on the common IEEE 802.11 standard and provides secure and fast wireless connectivity between your FluCard® and other devices.


With the FluCard®, you can exchange photos and video clips with friends even when outdoors. You can also transfer photos from your camera to your computer wirelessly; no more hassle with the USB cable or card reader. Finally, you can upload photos directly to the internet from any public Wi-Fi hotspot (such as at Starbucks or at the public library). We think this feature is especially handy if you are taking photos while on vacation and run out of memory space.


FluCard® will work in most digital cameras, video cameras, and digital photo frames that use Secure Digital memory cards (SD cards). There is no need to configure anything, simply insert your FluCard® into your camera and it is ready to exchange photos. Still, we have also given you the option of configuring your FluCard® so you can send photos to your personal server, or create a private photo-exchange group. The FluCard® can be configured using either a computer or a mobile smartphone with Wi-Fi capability.


Figure 1. The FluCard®


There are two ways to exchange photos with friends or to upload photos to the internet. Firstly, you can control the FluCard® using the buttons of your camera. Secondly, you can utilize the FluCard’s built-in motion sensor (this feature is available only on the FluCard® Motion and FluCard® Pro). To do this, you simply shake the camera to tell it to start exchanging photos.