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Ilford Starter development kit


Product CodeILFO2RL292

The perfect starter kit for anyone wanting to home develop black & white film

Everything required to process 2 rolls of film
Contains ILFORD Simplicity Film Processing Starter Pack
All essential Paterson film processing equipment
Convenient and affordable way to start processing your own film

The kit contains: 1 x ILFORD 35mm Film Cassette Opener, 1 x ILFORD Simplicity Film Starter Pack (containing developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent), 1 x Paterson Universal Film Tank, 2 x Paterson Super System 4 Reels, 3 x Paterson 600ml Graduates, 1 x Paterson Thermometer, 1 x Paterson Stirrer, 2 x Paterson set of 2 film clips and 1 x 135m negative book holder  hold 70 negative