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1.3 shoulder bracket - wondlans


Product Code13YHNKQ46

Body weight


Body dimension

 32cm*36cm*15cm  (L*H*W)



Features of “shooter” series DSLR support system:

1. Shooting is more stabilization with body mechanics, being the best DSLR anti-shake system.

2. Operate DSLR in habitual way, So that you feel there is no difference between the camera and video camera.

3. It can extend your camera to any angle in any direction. No matter whether overhead, high angel or low angle shooting(shot), you can be stable and comfortable.

4. A variety of combinations allow you to use imagination to your own needs, allowing larger shooting range, more comfortable (in) use.

5. The system can also be added professional equipment such as lens hood, follow focus, viewfinder, photoflood lamp, external display, batteries and so on...

6. Manufactured by international advanced CNC with high-strength light-weight aerospace aluminum, a partner accompanying your life with exquisite technique and high-end quality.

The accessories accept all video SLR cameras, as Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 500D, EOS7D; Nikon D90, D300S Panasonic Lumix GH1, as well as all video cameras