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Samuria Dry Cabinet Sd -25 ( Fully Digital )


Product CodeHERT40


Dont wait till yours lens get Fungus

Protect them now

Samuria  SD 25 Dry Cabinet   - 25L ( Fully Digital )Plastic   Digital Series

( Digital Lcd Display )


Internal Dim -W375xD255xH270

External Dim W380xD260xH340

0 Tray


comes with 5 year agent warranty on huminity 

and 1 year on lcd and power 



Do you know that your Cameras, video camera, lenses, microscopes ,binoculars and your luxurious Handbag will grow fungus, mold or deterioration if is not kept properly. Our Dry Cabinet is a very important piece of tools to keep your belongs away from fungus,dust or deterioration and well kept in tip-top condition. Get one home to save your cost on Few Hundred dollar to service your equipments.

 Relative humidity  Protect scope 
 60%-55%  Carbon paper, fax paper, uniques, pictures, money, stamps, printed paper etc 
 55%-45%  Camera, video camera, lens, microscope, binocular glass CD, fion, anode film cathode film, instruments, fur, medicals 
 45%-35%  Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries etc 
 35%-25%  Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material, etc 
 25%-15%  Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen etc